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Wallet Add Payment All Upi App

By login customer OTP. Admin Permission Customer can automatically add his/her wallet to all UPI apps like Google Pay Paytm Phone Pe Bharat Pay All, Payment Wallet Payment Add Youtube Video

  • Payment Deposit With WhatsApp request in just one click
  • Payment Withdraw with WhatsApp request in just one click
  • Withdraw and Deposit limits can also be set
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Auto Bid & Win Calculation

bid & win calculation is fully automatic. The game played by the customer is completely automatic calculation.Game Name Wise Calculation

Ank Wise

Jodi Wise



TP Wise


Full Sangm Wise

Matka Name Wise

The win & bid calculation of all according to the market & one click download pdf

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Most Important Matka App Features

Our Satta Matka app basic to advanced all features are present in the in app, Some of the main features given below

  • full accounting - All Report Total deposit-withdraw-Win-Total-Bid-Profit&Loss
  • Can Set Withdrawal Minimum-Maximum /Deposite Minimum - Maximum Deposite
  • Notice Page Game Rate Page How To Play Page And Much More
  • Can Set New User AUTO ACTIVEATE & DICTIVE Account
  • Time According Auto Market Play On Off
  • All user Life time report
  • Play Starline Game & Total Report
  • All Report Pdf Download
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Satta Matka Website Development Best Features

✔ Guessing Paid Service Online Payment Add And Get Scratch Card Get Lucky Number ✔ Auto Jodi Chart Update&Make ✔ Auto penal Chart Update &Make ✔ Today Lucky Number Update one click ✔ Auto LIVE RESULT Update ✔ Unlimited Matka Add ✔ Matka Wise Admin id ( add game & eran mony) ✔ 3 Tipe Star Line Result ✔ Guessing Post User (LOG IN REGISTER) ✔ Daily Admin Guessing ✔ Matka Colour Change Like Yello ✔ whatsapp button ✔ Auto Website Date Change ✔ Admin Id Can Easy to Use Mobile ✔ New Domin ✔ Hosting Server Completely Safe And Fast ✔ SSL ✔ Business Email ✔ Saport Video And live screen sharing Saport & Calling Help .

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